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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR strategy

The CSR strategy is an integral part of the Build to Lead strategic plan. Coface decided to map the pillars of its CSR strategy relative to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a global reference in this area, so as to focus on desired global impacts.
The Group has prioritised 11 of the 17 SDGs, most of them selected for their relevance to Coface’s business and the management of its employees. Other SDGs, for example “quality of education”, have been strongly prioritised given the management team’s sensitivity to these issues. The “quality of education” theme has been chosen as a priority in the Company’s future commitments with organisations around the world (through for example our deal with Potter foundation).

The approach has been restructured around three pillars:

A responsible insurer that harnesses its core businesses to contribute to a better world.


a responsible insurer











  • Improve ESG rating of investment portfolio
  • Integrate environmental impact into commercial policy
  • Upgrade procurement policy









A responsible employer that takes into account the development and engagement of employees.


a responsible employer 2











  • Roll-out Diversity & Inclusion initiatives
  • Support employee engagement & development
  • Contribute to local communities








A responsible enterprise whose goal is to actively reduce its environmental footprint.


a responsible enterprise
  • Assess our full carbon footprint
  • Develop a reduction plan to achieve Net Zero
  • Support Green to Lead employee network









These three pillars are underpinned by a foundation called “driving the culture”, aimed at structuring the  group’s ESG approach and developing a solid responsible culture among all Coface stakeholders through a communication plan. This last pillar is essential to the success of the first three.
driving the culture
Ensure transparency, compliance, and employee support with clear ESG governance, Group-wide communication and commitments.
Coface has been actively pursuing action in all areas of Corporate Social Responsibility for a number of years.
In 2003, the Coface Group signed up to the principles of the United Nations’ Global Compact, and committed to supporting, in our own sphere of influence, the ten principles related to safeguarding the environment and ensuring sustainable development. These commitments concern all of our dealings with the business community in general, and structure the Group’s human resources policy.
Since Coface’s entry onto the Paris stock exchange in 2014, Coface centralises and conducts the CSR actions implemented by our 60 entities across the globe in order to control their impact in a process of progress.
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