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Coface Spain Country Risk Conference


Our 26th Country Risk Conference in Spain will take place on September 26 in Madrid.  


Topics range from “Risks for the international markets” to “Keys to the monetary tightening cycle and its consequences” via themes such as “Economic and business impact of Artificial Intelligence” and “Outlook for the Spanish economy”. There will be a number of renowned speakers such as Gonzalo Bernardos, Cristina Aranda, Luis Gavía, David Cano, and on behalf of Coface, Bruno Fernandes (Head of Macroeconomic Research).


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Insurance Investment Briefing Singapore


Insurance companies are facing the challenge of adapting to a higher interest rate environment and persistent inflation, while also anticipating a looming global recession. In order to maintain a balanced and risk-averse portfolio, insurers are searching for reliable and diversified returns. Additionally, they are striving to align with ESG objectives in a volatile business climate.


A wide range of topics will be covered at this event, and our economist Bernard Aw will do the opening keynote on "macro trends in 2024 - high inflation, high rates and slow growth".



Coface Poland Country Risk Conference


This event is dedicated to the mission of mitigating risks in both international and domestic commercial transactions, all while fostering the secure advancement of Polish enterprises.


Following the pandemic, the past two editions of the event were held in a hybrid format. This year, we are excited to extend an invitation to join us in person at the esteemed POLIN Conference Center in Warsaw. Live broadcast will be also available. (English/Polish Translation Services Offered Throughout the Conference)



Coface Belgium Country Risk Conference


Join Us for the Coface Belgium Country Risk Conference - Let's Embrace Risk with Artificial Intelligence
Explore AI's impact on decision-making and trade risk assessment with experts like Mieke De Ketelaere and Guillaume Huguet.


Keynote Speaker: Meet Mieke De Ketelaere, an Adjunct Professor at Vlerick Business School and an expert with over 28 years of experience in data and analytics.

Data Intelligence to embrace risks: Guillaume Huguet, Head of Data Lab at Coface Group, will enlighten us with real-world applications of AI, demonstrating how it can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of our assessment and decision-making processes.



Coface Romania Country Risk Conference


What do we know and what do we don't know? Risks VS Realities.

A tangible - intangible game that characterizes the world we live in.


The 18th edition of the Country Risk Conference, a traditional event of Coface worldwide is a catalyst of ideas and debates within the national business community regarding risk issues.


This year's edition will bring together country risk experts, economists, as well as representatives from the business environment. Together, we will try to understand what we are facing and what is ahead of us, from the macroeconomic level, to the business level, in the trenches.


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