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Four good reasons to choose our factoring & credit insurance package

  • Give your customers greater flexibility;
  • Satisfy financing needs that may vary, for example due to peak activity periods;
  • Strengthen the security of your trade receivables portfolio;
  • Optimise your contract terms by also taking out credit insurance.
With factoring, you can offer longer payment periods to your customers. The financing of your credit is organised through a third party, the factor. You issue your invoice as you normally would and submit it to us. We provide you with nearly the full invoice amount until your customer has settled.


If your factoring agreement is combined with credit insurance, Coface Finanz (the factor) becomes the direct beneficiary of any credit insurance indemnities that might be paid out in the event that an invoice, financed through our activity, were to remain unpaid.


Ultimately, credit insurance improves both the level of security of your trade receivables portfolio and the terms of your factoring contract. This combination also secures the unfinanced portion of the receivables, which varies in line with the available financial resources.


Coface provides this ancillary service inGermanyandPoland. In other countries, our sales teams can direct you toward our factoring partners.

Delivering a valuable solution…

Delivering a valuable solution…

A Polish toymaker generates 65% of its annual sales with its retail customers in September. At that time of the year, the toymaker has significant financing needs because it lacks sufficient equity capital. This is because customers typically do not settle their bills before January, once all the goods have been sold.


With a factoring contract backed by credit insurance, the toymaker calls on Coface Poland Factoring to manage this peak activity period and cover its financing needs.


Coface pays 90% of the amount due by the toymaker’s customers beginning in September and as deliveries are made, enabling the toymaker to calmly meet all its commitments and deadlines. Since the toymaker also has a credit insurance policy, Coface Poland Factoring will collect any indemnities directly in the event of non-payment on a receivable. The company experienced this situation once, but in the off-peak season, with a wholesaler specialised in supplying nursery schools in Central Europe. Thanks to its credit insurance policy, the toymaker received an indemnity to offset the non-payment.

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