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The ratings awarded to Coface, by Moody's, Fitch, and AM Best reflect its strong financial strength

The Company and some of its subsidiaries are assessed by well-known ratings agencies. The Company rating can vary from agency to agency.
The main ratings for the Company and its principal operational subsidiary are as follows:
The ratings shown above can be subject to revision or be withdrawn at any moment by the ratings agencies awarding them. None of these ratings represent an indication of past or future performance of Coface shares or debt issued by the Company and should not be used as part of an investment decision. The Company is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability of these ratings.
1 COFACE SA is the holding company of the Coface Group. As a decision-making and management body, COFACE SA is a non-operational holding company and plays a vital financial role in the Coface Group, performing management, financing and advisory activities for its subsidiaries. The principal operating subsidiary of the Coface Groupe is Compangie française d’assurance pour le commerce extérieur.



Coface is rated A1, outlook stable since September 2023

In its press release, Moody’s highlights that this rating reflects “the increasing diversification of the group and the enhanced monitoring and improved management of credit risk exposures, which Moody's expects to result in lower volatility in profits and make the insurer better placed to weather an economic downturn. The upgrade also reflects the good capitalisation level maintained by the group since 2020 and the improvement in asset quality.”


28 September 2023 – Press release – Moody’s


2023 10 12 – See Moody's detailed credit opinion 

2023 09 29 – Moody’s Press release



Coface is rated AA- outlook stable since April 2021

  1. In Fitch’s press release, the rating agency recognizes Coface’s“very strong, well established and geographically diversified franchise in the global trade credit insurance sector”. Fitch highlights also that“Factoring, information services and other fee-based activities enhance Coface’s business diversification”.
    1. 9 November 2023 – Press release – Fitch


2023 11 09: PR Fitch afirms Coface AA- rating

2023 11 09: Fitch Press release



Coface is rated A (excellent), outlook stable since Feb. 2020

UK : AM Best highlights that this rating reflect “Coface group’s balance sheet strength, which AM Best categorises as very strong, as well as its adequate operating performance, favourable business profile and appropriate enterprise risk management”.

This strength is underpinned by a consolidated risk-adjusted capitalization at the strongest level as measured by the Best’s Capital Adequacy Ratio (BCAR) score.


22 May 2023 – Press Release - AM Best


2023 05 22 Coface press release

2023 05 19 AM Best Press release

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