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Protect yourself against unpaid invoices

In business, cash flow can often mean the difference between success and failure.This is why we focus on the risk of payment delays and non-payment of invoices. Our credit insurance offer is there to protect you against unpaid invoices at home and abroad. We offer this to all sizes of companies from SME’s to multinationals.
Our in-depth knowledge of buyers and local markets gives us an advantage when it comes to:
- upstream risk prevention by following changes on a step-by-step basis,
- acting quickly when these risks materialise thanks to our close proximity and understanding of local rules and practices, which help us to speed up the collection process.
The Coface Group’s sound financial strength and our access to the reinsurance market also enable our clients to offer their buyers, payment deadlines that exceed their own financing abilities.
Along with credit insurance, in some countries we offer factoring services, proprietary business information and a receivables collection service.

Coface: the most agile, global trade credit insurance partner in the industry

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