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An international organisation serving companies

an international organisation serving companies

The Group began to expand internationally in 1992, and today it can support the growth of all types of businesses in their home countries and abroad, through a service offer covering 100 countries and offering guarantees to nearly 200 countries.


This powerful network bolsters the Group’s knowledge of risks presented by countries and their respective business sectors. It gives it access to detailed business information, updated in real time, on each of the network’s countries.


It also enhances the accuracy of its risk underwriting and makes its receivables collection activities more effective.


The Group makes this expertise available to its clients to help them anticipate and protect against risks.










An international organisation providing precise, reliable and constantly updated business information

Coface’s risk analysis relies on the unique knowledge it has built up over more than 60 years concerning businesses’ payment behaviour through an analysis of its own information reports and those of its partner network.

Specialised back office centres located in Morocco, Peru and India are responsible for managing this data, in particular as regards updating and adjusting companies’ Debtor Risk Assessments (DRA), which measure their payment default risk, and monitoring changes in their shareholding structure, etc.


In order to improve its assessments of debtors on which it has risk exposure, Coface has strengthened its network of specialised information centres by bringing the total number of center from 23 up to 40. These centres are tasked with visiting debtors, carrying out in-depth research on them and assessing the associated risk.



An international organisation focused on RISK underwriting, a core coface expertise

All members of Coface’s global network have access to a single shared database containing information on around 80 million companies. The company’s 660 risk underwriters and credit analysts use this information to make risk underwriting decisions on a sector by sector basis.

With a view to optimising its risk control and evaluation of sector trends, Coface put in place a new organisation to tackle risk ‘from the ground up’, involving the roll-out of new risk underwriting resources in 44 countries, compared with 36 before. Each country now provides risk underwriting services for both domestic cover requirements and export needs from other countries. In addition to the analysis of company balance sheets, each underwriter's local knowledge of the respective country as well as its high-risk business sectors is a valuable asset when it comes to risk underwriting decisions.



An international organisation dedicated to receivables collection, a guarantee of performance

The global network established by the Coface Group offers a considerable advantage when it comes to receivables collection. This network comprises Group companies covering more than 150 countries and partner companies covering 39 countries.


This network enables Coface to provide a local collection service operated by specialists with inside knowledge and expertise in local judicial procedures.


The collection methods developed in each country are tailored to local practices and the amount of receivables assigned, which ensures excellent collection rates for all claim amounts.

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